Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter this year was very nice... laid back and fairly relaxing.

The bunny showed up and filled the girls baskets with goodies, then he
hid eggs filled with the gloriousness of jellybeans and chocolates!

We met my family at church for mass and the girls did very well.
We offered our thanks for the blessing in our lives and
for the gift of new beginnings!

Then we congregated at my sister and Tony's house for lunch.
Just our little family.
Again... relaxed, easy, ... perfect!

The afternoon was spent with the girls and we watched Peter Pan
(a new gift from the bunny)

A good day!
Feeling blessed indeed!
Looking for eggs!
Some new shades!
Checking out the loot!

Hi Daddy!

The girls were a little squirrely from the jellybeans!!

... and thank you again Kristy for our ears and chickies!!!

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