Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Today, my daddy celebrates his Birthday!
It's a good day!

Last Saturday, we went to spend the day at Papa's
and as we have the last 3 years, we celebrated both
Elaina and Papa's Birthdays together.

This year, we were also blessed with some Fabulous
sunshine and warm weather! Enough that all of us
were a little sun-kissed when we went home!

We had our traditional AngelFood cake, strawberries,
and freshly whipped cream, sang happy birthday, and
overall had a really fantastic day!

The Birthday girl and boy!!!

Blowing out their candles

Ellie and cousin Payton
Me and Daddy
...even more relaxed (hey... don't judge, I like my view!)
getting a tan with snow on the ground!

Miss Kaiya

Miss Payton
Lila working on her jumprope skills

Dad, Papa...
We love you so much! 
Happy Birthday!

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