Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June catch-up

I have no excuses.  It's just that it's summertime, and summertime always goes too quickly.

All those meaningful posts, each one it's own individual piece, lovely photos to accompany insightful words....  Um, not happening.

As I sit here, I have a list (a literal list, people) of things I want to blog about.

It's July and I'm just now going through some of last months photos.  So, I'm once again going to lump them together and throw em' at ya.

You can check out what's been up with us or just pass on by.

June in a nutshell- in no particular order

Lila went to her first dentist appointment.
It was pretty awesome that Auntie got to clean her teeth!  She did great and we had a fun day together!

For the first time ever, I painted my toes Blue.

After some major headache and major wallet-ache, I now am a proud owner of an iPhone!
And lets just be honest... they're Rad.
And I heart Instagram.  And it's oh, so much better with an iPhone!

I have cool dogs

...but Boone likes to beg for food.

We had some MAJOR technical difficulties last week.
Let's just say, we've since taken some time to back up the important stuff on the computer.

Elaina decided to try to knock the chair out with her face.

My kids sleep weird.

The girls got their hair trimmed.  It was a first for Ellie, she was much happier about it than Lila.
Lila wants her hair to be long.  Long like Rapunzel.  Who doesn't?

We like to cuddle with Daddy.

We spent some time on the boat.

I love my husband.

 And for as much as I complain about the burdens and trials of raising my girls, 
I do realize how wonderful they are, and how complete my life is BECAUSE of them!

And with that, we bid June farewell!

Have a great Tuesday, I'm off to get my groove on at the gym, then meeting a special friend for lunch! (after a shower, of course... I don't think Gina would appreciate me in all my sweaty glory!)

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