Sunday, July 15, 2012


These little ones have become a fixture in our daily lives.
I would like to introduce you...

Meet Lucy.

Lucy came to us last Christmas and is well loved by her mommy.
Not so much by our dogs.
She has a missing hand and foot.  Her "owies" are okay now because I have the healing power of Coban!

Meet Big Baby.

Big Baby also has a missing hand.
(our dogs do NOT, I repeat... DO NOT like babies)

Meet Little Baby.

Little baby was given to Elaina by her cousin Calli for her birthday.
Little baby has managed to remain unscathed by our fierce hounds.
This is probably because she is usually in Elaina's hands.

We also have Tiny Baby, a small molded plastic Fisher Price baby that occasionally is important.
It depends on Elle's mood, but we have spent many a night searching the house for this tiny 2inch piece of plastic so that our youngest daughter can go to bed surrounded by her babies.

She loves them.
She feeds them, and dresses (or undresses) them.
They travel with us.
You can usually find one (or all of them) clutched in her arms when she sleeps.

As irritating as it is to have to wrap and rewrap, hunt high and low, and remember to

They are almost as special to me as they are to her.
Because they make her happy.


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