Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Fun

Once again we spent our weekend at the lake!
This time however, our girls were with us and we were surrounded by our family!

We head out late Thursday evening and got to the lake just before midnight.  A short visit with the family, then everyone crashed because with 5 kids five and under... you know it's gonna be an early morning!

Our days were spent on the boat and in the water.  We ate, then played, then ate, then cleaned up, then ate, then did a little fishing, then ate... (are you sensing a pattern here?)
It was wonderful watching the cousins play together and enjoy their time with family!

Matt and Kim, thank you, THANK YOU for the invitation and accomodations!  We truly loved it!

Pile of cousins!
Ellie jumping into the pile!!
Lila learning to trust her life jacket! Thank you Auntie Krissy!

Lila showing Elle how to fish!
My husband using his monkey toes to retrieve his watch!      
~His watch got lost getting off the boat that morning, and this photo was taken on our way back from our EVENING cruise!  And to top it off... the dang thing still works!~

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