Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Hot and Happy Independance Day!

Well, it was a hot one!

But we had a great day regardless!

We spent the day at my mom's, just playing, visiting, and relaxing.
They had a small lake floaty filled with water the girls used as a pool. I forgot their swimsuits however, so I haven't posted any "pool" photos of them, as they were running around in just their undies!
Good drinks and food, a few sparklers, and a handful of neighborhood fireworks when we got home... nothing to complain about! 

The girls loved their patriotic tattoos!
We all got to enjoy the hammock!

I made this pretty little concoction!
Sadly, it was NOT as tasty as it looks.  Pintrest FAIL :(
Ryan may or may not have taken 3 random naps throughout the day...  and may or may not have spilled a little of his beer ;)

The girls also took naps.  I found this particularly darling, as this iron bed is the one I used when I was a little girl :)

While the girls were napping, my sister and I made good use of the "pool"!  We're classy, I know.

We let the girls do a few sparklers!

It was a good day!

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