Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Cinnamon Rolls

Lisa's service was on Saturday morning and it was both better and worse than expected.
The service itself was really wonderful.  It was obvious how much Lisa was loved and how much support her family will have.  But, watching her family, especially her children sit there and grieve... it was almost too much to bear.  We left Ellie with Ryan's parents and took Lila with us.   Lila was always Lisa's "tweetsie-pie", and we just felt like she should be there.  As I watched the tears roll down Lisa's sons' face, I couldn't help but cling to Lila.  To thank God that I have my baby and she has me.   
Lisa, we miss you.

Sunday morning I decided to make cinnamon rolls from scratch to share with the neighbors.  We're a tight bunch, and it was a rough day on all of us.  I thought starting a new day out on a sweet note, would be appreciated by all!  They were delicious, and gooey, and just plain cinnamon-ey goodness!
Starting the dough
Lila had fun helping me punch it down!
Butter, sugar, cinnamon...
can you say DELICIOUS?!
They smell even better than they look!
Topped with a little maple coffee icing - GLORIOUS!
I really should have taken a picture of the completed, finished product... but Tom and Brad came over for breakfast and coffee and I bundled the others up for the rest of the neighbors before I thought about it.  Ooops!  You'll just have to take my word for it, they were divine!  I think everyone really appreciated them, so that made them that much sweeter!

The rest of yesterday was really nice.  We finished our taxes and as dismal as that sounds, we actually ended up in a much better position than we anticipated.   We then booked our plane tickets and rental car, as Ryan and I are taking a 5 day trip to Florida in the beginning of May! Just the two of us!  
We made chicken tacos for dinner last night and both the girls were in bed early.  All in all, it was a great Sunday.  I'm hoping that it sets the tone for the rest of the spring!

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