Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I feel...?

The past week or so has prompted lots of deep thinking on my part.
How do I feel about so many pieces of my life?  Life in general?
Love and Loss
Raising Children
my poor neglected dogs....
cooking (or my lack thereof)
~see I'm tired, and I'm rambling...~

These thoughts have not really gotten me to any solid conclusions.
What I HAVE come to realize, is that I have lots of feelings that I don't really have any reason for. 
No amount of rationalizing or logical thinking can change some emotions that I have. 
They just are what they are.
I have love, sorrow, joy, guilt, weirdness, and passion all tangled up inside me and for reasons I can't explain, they all sometimes come out at the "wrong" times.  I feel confused, messy, disjointed.
I have a healthy, loving family, nice home, stable job... why the heck don't I walk around in a state of bliss all the time? 
Whatever... I'm tired.
Come Friday when I start my glorious week off, my thoughts and feelings may be entirely different.
We'll see!

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