Friday, March 11, 2011

Ryan's week

It has been one of "those" weeks for Ryan.

One of those weeks, where you just think... "what the hell?"

I get a call from Ryan on Wednesday morning around 7am.
Ryan: "So guess what I did this morning?"
Ana: "what?"
Ryan: "Oh, I locked the kids in the car with the car still running and still in DRIVE."
Ana: "WHAT?"
Ryan: "Yep, I managed to forget to put the car in park, then got out and shut the door while it was still running, so the door automatically locks when it shuts again."
Ana: cue laughing....

So he managed to keep his cool, get a wire coat hanger and some other stuff from our lovely daycare provider and jimmy the window open and free our children!  The husband of mine that his is... he of course snapped a picture!
notice the back door open, no worries... he took the picture AFTER the kids were free!
Then yesterday, I'm at Cub getting a few groceries after picking up a shift at work (yes, a DAY shift, gasp!) I get a call from Ryan and hear this...
Ryan: "I'd really like it if you picked up the girls from daycare."
Ana: "Uh, okay. Why?"

Well, this is why...
See that?
Hahahahahaha!!!  Ba-Hahahahah!!!!!
Went to take a step up at work and SPLIT!
I guess he didn't want to chat with our daycare lady with his boxers hanging out of his pants!!!
Haha, what a week!  And I'm back to work this weekend, what will happen next?!

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