Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 7 - Open the Heart

I once again struggled with this week's theme.  
"Open the Heart"

I kept thinking of a particular picture of Elaina's birth.
However, this doesn't work for 2 reasons.
1) I did not take the picture (thank you Chelsie)
2) The photo needs to be taken within the specified week's time frame.

I decided that today I would just find something to photograph, and say "screw it" to the theme.
No need.
Last night I was in the kitchen putting some stuff away after putting Ellie to bed.
I looked over and saw Ryan and Lila sitting on the couch reading Dr. Seuss.

So sweet, so precious.  
Opened up my heart.

(Here is the picture I was thinking of...  I know it's a little "fresh", but every time I look at it, my heart swells and I feel that little prick of tears in my eyes.~  and yes, I know I have an ugly cry face.)


  1. Nothing ugly about that face, I love it, so sweet and so wonderful!

  2. So many thoughts, so many emotions, cannot possibly put them all here. But I know you know what I'm thinking and feeling as I see both pictures. The one of Elaina's birth...what I'm struck by is how dark her skin is in that particular picture, and how impossible it seems to have two babies with such bluish skin tone with such very different courses of life. The first picture...well. We pray and pray for such simple beauty! Thank you for sharing your family and your beautiful heart with us. Your blog is always a joy to visit. Love, Julie


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