Friday, February 11, 2011

Hooray for Friday!

Whew!  What a week!
Joe made off with her socks... then later, her pants!  Not joking!  Little stinker
She likes the "big" puppies better!

I headed back into work on Monday and spent the next 3 nights running my tail off!
Work was really busy... not bad, just busy!
Lots and lots of mommies, getting ready to have some babies!
Now, I'm tired.

To add to it, Ellie is working through another tooth, so I spent a couple hours last night
rocking, walking, feeding, soothing.... you get the idea.
I finally stopped trying to put her in her own bed, brought her out to the couch with me at 3am
and watched some of my DVR'd shows while she slept in my arms.
I did get her back in her crib around 4:45 and went back to sleep until 6am when both my youngsters
were up and at em'!

As tired as I am, I'm enjoying my day!
My girls make me so happy!
Lila throws fits, Ellie's clingy... but still... they are my babies, and oh how I LOVE THEM!

I'm so happy to be off for the next 7 days!  We have lots going on, both Frank and Tim are leaving for their new homes (Joe left last Tuesday and we hear he's doing great!), Lila will have her first gymnastics class, and all that other day to day stuff!  I love being home with my family, so I'm REALLY looking forward to it!  AND, it's supposed to be a balmy weekend! Yes, I just said that forcasted 30degree weather is balmy! You just shush!  After the weeks of sub-zero temps, upper 30's will feel darn near tropical!
I had just yelled at Rio for barking.  This is the "Sorry Mom" look.

Have a fantastic weekend! 
Some pictures from past week and today! (sorry for the Ellie overload... she's just too stinkin' cute!)
(and she was being cooperative, unlike big sister!)
Check out the teeth!  6 working on 7!
Loves her cart!
Lila being uncooperative
Finally giving me a cheesy "cheese".
SO CLOSE.... almost walking!
Yeah! I made it!

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