Monday, February 28, 2011

Ladies Night

Saturday night was a ladies night out for my best friend Sarah, and myself!
A wonderful day of no little ones needing us, no agenda, no timelines...
Simply a day to do whatever the heck we want!

It was fabulous!

We ended up eating lunch at the Roasted Pear, then we were off for some shoe shopping!

For those of you who know me well... there is this particular pair of boots...
you know the ones?
The ones I've been pining after for months?!

Well, I finally made the decision to purchase these boots, and apparently my patience paid off!!!
I am now the proud new owner of some gorgeous black boots that I got for over HALF OFF!!!
Woo Hoo!
I had to drive to a Wayzeta store to pick them up. (THE LAST PAIR)
Photos to come soon!

We then wandered around Eden Prairie mall and did some window shopping.
I'm proud to say that I exercised a LOT of restraint, and actually purchased very little.
(the boots were still rather expensive.)

Sarah and I made it to our hotel, after a few wrong turns and about 5 tours of random parking ramps.
We stayed at the Westin hotel for a great rate (thank you Hotwire)!
After some chill time, and snapping a few pics... we headed out to dinner!
As we were enjoying our meal, we happened to spot  an old friend of ours who we then proceeded
to spend a few hours with! It was so great to see him!
The rest of the night was spent having a few adult beverages, listening to some music, and girl-talking!

We had some breakfast/lunch on Sunday and headed back to our respective families.
As great as it was to be out and away from the kids and hubbies... we were both very ready to return
to our "boring" Mommy lives!

Sarah, thank you, I love you, and I can't wait to plan our next ladies night out!

Cajun shrimp pasta!! Umm, delicious!

I'm not a "city girl" by any stretch, but it can be quite pretty.
The wine vault at the Westin


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