Monday, January 25, 2010

A girl and her dogs

Oh how miss Lila loves her puppies! ( Da - Da- DOG, woof woof )
Seriously, they are the first thing she looks for when she wakes up in the morning, when entering the house, or pretty much anytime they aren't directly under foot. Best Buds, let me tell ya!
I'm really amazed at how tolerant they are of her too, considering she uses them as a chair and/ or a step half the time!

Our weekend as always, went way too fast and honestly... wasn't terribly productive, but all in all, not too shabby. Ryan did end up going to work on Friday, but of course, Saturday came and he was feeling horrible again. I thought he either had the flu or strep, but the fever finally broke and as of yesterday his rapid strep test came back negative. Fortunately, given the gross-ness of his throat, the Dr. did prescribe some good ole' Amoxicillian!

Lila was her busy, enjoyable self, but you can tell she's entering the age of "lets test mom and dad"! Her current button-pusher is throwing things, ie. food from her high chair, or anything off the ledge by her changing table. And damn, if it isn't hard to refrain from laughing when she looks right at you when she does it and when you scold her, she gets this ridiculous over-dramatic look of horror on her face, complete with the crying! Am I a bad mom by thinking this is funny? Hmmm?

I'm back to work tonight for 3 days and am already looking forward to my week off. The weekends just seem to fly by too quick. I'm hoping the weather is nice next week, as I would love to take Lila to the zoo. We haven't been in months, and the older she gets, the more I think she enjoys it! We'll see... we do live in MN, so it'll probably be 40 one day and -15 the next?!

Oh, and I threw in a snapshot of me at 26 weeks... geez, this pregnancy is FLYING! Baby #2 will be here before we know it!


  1. Hey you! Love the dog pictures and the crazy hair picture.....she is so darn cute! And, look at you, you've grown since I've seen you last and that wasn't too long ago. I can't believe how fast it's going....isn't it crazy how fast the #2 pregnancy seems to go??? Talk to you soon. Love ya

  2. Look at your belly! I love it! And Lila with the dogs- so flippin' adorable!!! Can't wait to meet the newest little one... it IS flying by!!!


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