Friday, January 15, 2010

15 Months

I seriously can't believe how fast the days fly by. My sweet little girl is 15 months already and I thought I'd share a few pics and some tidbits about her.

She's a busy, BUSY girl that loves to dance, sing (especially "Itsy Bitsy" ), take baths and showers, and snuggle with her blankees! Her favorite toys are her kitchen, her Little People farm, her shapes ball, and for some strange reason... her toothbrush! (Seriously, she loves to brush her teeth!) She loves her books and insists on sitting on your lap to read them! Her words are few (DOG, Dad, Woof, and she will say "I did it!" when she is proud of herself), though she seems to understand EVERYTHING we say to her and "chatters" back to us constantly. When she actually makes out those words.... watch out world! Haha!

She currently drools like a faucet (thus still wears a bib most days at home!) and we are waiting on the last 2 teeth to complete the set! She still has a noticeable gap in her front teeth that are horribly crooked... but we think her snaggle teeth just add to her charm!

Her hair is out of control and growing like crazy! She looks so much like Daddy that it's spooky, but she has my squinty eyes! They seem to disappear when she smiles!

She waves bye-bye and blows kisses when I go to work, and she's also very good at giving hugs and real kisses (even with her mouth closed!) Overall, she's a charming, funny, lovable little girl that makes me thank God every day! Oh how we love her! Our sweet Lila Kate!

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