Thursday, January 21, 2010

barely awake

It's 2am

I'm at work and it's all quite on the homefront after a flurry of activity when I first started. That quiet, in itself is rare, and mostly appreciated... however, it does have the ability to make 2am to seem especially painful.

My eyes are glazed over and feel like they're on fire. I can barely control the "head-bob", so in an effort to stay awake, I'm going to give you a quick update on the happenings of our home!

Ryan is sick. Boo :( I actually left work last night a few hours early because I was feeling rotten, and found out he was feeling crappy too. He toughed out his work day, but looked pretty rough when he got home today. Fever, chills, and body aches, just all around yucky. I'm hoping if he feels that blah again tomorrow, he actually calls in sick and just takes care of himself!

Lila is slightly out of sorts, but I can't really pin-point it. One minute she's just fine, playing and bouncing around and the next she's in the middle of an ultimate meltdown because of who-knows-what?! (Oh wait, maybe that's just being a toddler... hmmmm?) Apparently she took 2 naps at daycare today though, which is quite a rare feat. Must have needed some extra Zzzz's. Otherwise, she's fine. Her last 2 teeth popped, so she now has her complete 1st year set! Maybe the drool faucet will slow to a drip?

I have to make it through tonight and one more 12 hour shift Thursday, then I'm looking forward to a gloriously un-planned, just do-what-we-want weekend! I can DO IT!!! I have some pretty darling video of Lila that I'd like to post, maybe I'll have some time to get it up over the weekend! Enjoy the rest of your week!
I'm going to go back to the "I'm just resting my eyes" position!

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