Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week in review

Good evening all! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend, we sure did! Ryan had both Friday and Monday off, so it was a nice couple of days together!!! Friday I went and got my hair done (such a luxury to have 2 hours spent just on you!) and then had a nice evening with our neighbors. Saturday we had a great neighborhood party with some awesome ribs, corn on the cob, and all sorts of yummy sides! Sunday was chill out day, and we spent the afternoon and evening on Monday visiting my Mom, Alan, and sister Alex, then Ryan's sister's family! It really went much too quick, but we all enjoyed it!

This week, I've been off work and Tuesday was a great day! Ryan was back at work, but Lila and I spent the day together outside taking walks, and just hanging around the house. I even left my dirty house and laundry go, so I could watch some TV while she napped!! AWESOME!!! Today... now that was a different story. I had the game plan in my head that I was gonna power clean today, and all in all, I did get quite a bit accomplished, but didn't check off all my "to-do's". This was mostly because Lila pulled a Jeckyl and Hyde on me from yesterday to today. Yesterday, she was the world's sweetest most charming baby! Today, well... lets just say she wasnt' that. Eesh! It was a rough day! Oh well, she's not like this very often, so I'm thinking tomorrow will be a whole new ball game (I'm hoping anyway!)

Tomorrow, I've got some errands to run and am going to meet up with my friend Sarah for lunch, So Excited!! Then when Ryan gets home from work, him and I are going to an interview with a lady in Jordan for potential daycare for Lila. Hopefully it works out!

I'm back to work on Friday to start my six 12's in seven days...yucka! Oh well, take one day at a time, right? Okay, so I'm gonna go take care of Miss Cranky Pants, then snuggle up with Ry on the couch for a bit! Have a great night!!!
P.S. These are just a few recent pics of the Lila the Grouch (she's not so cranky in these!)

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