Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Day

I've made it half-way through my yucky stretch of work and start on part 2 tonight. It's been a rough couple of days, partly because I haven't been feeling the best and am insanely tired, and partly because Lila has been in sort of a funk. One minute she's laughing and dancing around the living room, the next minute she's having an utter meltdown on the floor, what??? Also, I'm frusterated because for some reason, whenever I am home and put her to bed, she decides to get up at 2am screaming. All weekend, while Ryan had her and I was working, she slept through the night. Last night, I put her to bed and of course I spent 45 minutes in the middle of the night trying to get her back to bed. Seriously, makes me feel just rotten... what the heck? (I try to tell myself that she just misses me cause I'm gone at night so much, so she has to get in extra snuggle time... )
Right now, Lila is napping, I have laundry going and need to go out on poop patrol, so I'll make the rest of this quick! This weekend Ry and I are going to our friends' wedding in South Dakota and although it's going to be a ton of driving, we're carpooling part of the way with our friends Heather and Jason, so that should provide for some entertainment! On Sunday, Ryan turns the big 30!!! We are having a little get-together with his family, then going to a WILD game that night! Should be fun! It's going to be a pretty packed weekend, but should be a good time!
Lastly, the fall is a REALLY busy time for our family and there are about a million birthdays and anniversary's, so I'm going to quickly try and cover all bases and hopefully not forget anyone! Here goes....

Happy Birthday to: Kris, Heather, RYAN, Tessa, Collin, Major, Jeff, Bella, Kaiya and Me!
Happy 10th Anniversary to Heather and Jason Quint!


  1. Thanks!!! Can you believe Jason has kept me around that long............ HAHA! And, I thought Sept was busy for me, looks like you win X100!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend. Sorry, I haven't gotten back to you about the picture. Lila is a DOLL, give her a smooch for me.

  2. Have a good weekend and have fun at the Wild game!!!!! What is your apt at work? I am a .75 straight nights, thinking about cutting back to a .6 since number 2 arrived. Just not sure I can do the sleepless thing with 2 kids:)


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