Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's been a month

Well, actually more than a month.

My longest break from blogging since I've started.
It wasn't intentional, it just happened.
Time slipped away and here we are 5 days until Christmas
and I'm still lacking a Thanksgiving post.

Such is life.
Here's a little smattering of stuff that's happened.

~Miss Lila was Star of the Week! ~
She was very excited about this special honor and now has her poster on her wall in her room!

~We celebrated Thanksgiving~
Nothing too fancy, and we missed Ryan again, but it was nice, and spent in the company of my loves!

~I love Boone~
But sometimes I hate him.
But I love him.
It really depends on the day

~Ryan spent time in WI deer hunting with his dad, so I took the girls to our friends cabin and hung
out for the weekend to chill out~
We watched movies, played games, and went sledding... all good things!

~All good things until Elaina decided to get car sick on the way home~
This is how I felt smelling vomit for the last 20 min of our drive.  

~We had our neighborhood Christmas Party~
This earns it's own post... 

~We took the girls to see Santa~ 
This is always a treat... however this year, we didn't get in until late and the girls were
semi falling apart by the time we actually saw the Big guy
You'd never know it by the looks of these photos though!

~Mike the Elf returned to our home~ 
He has been making his rounds, checking on the girls from all different angles

~Nothing particular... I just like this photo~

~We made Cinnamon Rolls for our neighbors and the girls thought they were pretty special to be able to bring them around all by themselves!~

~Our tree looks so pretty in our new home... And the puppies definitely have their favorite spot!~

~It's the time of year for Christmas programs~
Both the girls had a little dance routine for us, and Ellie had her Montessori Christmas program!
So dang cute!!!

~Ryan took me on a date to see Josh Thompson~
We had an amazing dinner at Kona Grill, and the music that night was great!

With Christmas right around the corner, they're be lots more to share.... and I'm hoping it won't be another month before I'm back!

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