Thursday, November 13, 2014

And the snow is here

My girls are loving the snow!
Loving having something New to do and to play with!
( I don't love it quite so much )

I was looking though some photos and realized that I had taken some
from one of the last great fall day we had!  
We spent hours outside.... Ryan cleaning up and the girls playing in the leaves.
I helped, when I didn't have the camera in hand ;)

Leaves are new to us.  Our old home had one tree in the front yard,
so leaf maintenance was pretty much nonexistent.  
NOT the case here at the new place, as you can see!
They make for some great fall photos though! 

They were like little birdies in their leaf nest! :)

We really had a great fall!  It hung around for awhile and gifted us
with some brilliant color!  But when it was over, well... Here we are in 
early November with snow on the ground and forecasted single digit lows next week!
Hang on to your parkas folks... Winter, I fear, is here to stay!!!
The girls, however... are making the most of it!

This is the ONLY spot in our yard with a slope, not even close to the hill at our old house....
but they LOVED it anyways! :)

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