Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Halloween was a fun one this year in our home!
The girls have been so excited about the day, about the
dressing up, about the costumes, and candy, and..and..and....

Our little black kitty and our Princess Elsa were the cutest we've
ever seen (we may be a bit biased)... but c'mon.  Tell me they aren't
absolutely adorable!?!

MOM!!  I AM smiling!!! Just take the darn picture!

Both of the girls had parties at their schools, and since I was off work, I was
able to attend both!  It was also pretty handy that E's was in the morning, 
and the Queen herself, got to celebrate in the afternoon!
We dropped Lila at school, then Ellie and I head to her montessori.
I won't talk about it much.  She was a turd.  It wasn't awesome.
She ended up coming home with me at lunch.... moving on.
Lila's however, was enjoyable!  The whole school has a parade then they go
back to their classrooms for individual parties!  It was fun to help out in Lila's
class and she was such a well behaved, good little girl!  Made a mama proud!!

One decent smile with Ms. Ruchika!
Painting a pumpkin with a pout
She spotted me during the parade!  So pretty!
Mrs. Moorse's Kindergarten class 2014
Throwing game in class

They of course went out to collect loot that night!
This is the first year, they've ever gone trick-or-treating in their
own neighborhood, and it was so fun to watch the whole gang of kids
run around together!  
As cold as it was, Ellie and I tapped out first and went home, but Lila
was out for quite awhile.... I guess she was right... 
the cold doesn't bother her anyway!  ;)
We're gonna get HOW much candy?!!!
With their friend Audrey the Owl :)

Checking out the haul!
The next night was more for mommy and daddy than the girls, but they were excited too!
We sent out a last minute evite to a few friends and our neighbors,
guessing that on a weekend Halloween, everyone would be busy and we'd
have a small turnout.  We guessed wrong.
20 adults, and 13 kids all ran amok in our house, and let me tell ya...

Thank you to everyone who came over and visited!  We really had a good time!!
Jello "shots" to enjoy on a spooky night! ;)
This makeup took me a stupid long time... but I think it looks aright, eh?

Black Swan and Wolverine

6 Bags of popcorn later, they are all downstairs and chilling out!

Love these guys!

This photo makes me laugh... I have no idea what is going on here!

And it's pretty likely I'm not a video editor and have never used this program before.
It's also pretty likely, some adult beverages were consumed prior to filming this. 
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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