Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sick of being Sick... and looking forward to feeling healthy again!

Ok... so this year has started out a little rough.

Almost 2 weeks ago Ryan started not feeling so hot.
3 days later, both of us were miserable and shivering, and sweating
and aching, and coughing....

Both the girls have colds, just your run of the mill winter sniffles.
Ryan is finally getting back on his feet.

I finally went to the Dr. yesterday and got myself checked out.
Apparently pneumonia needs to be taken care of.
(Way to go Nurse)
So after 24hours of antibiotics, I'm starting to feel at least a little human again.

It's been a crazy couple of days, and we have our 2 nephews coming tomorrow
to stay the weekend, so I imagine the next few days won't be much calmer. HA!
But, I'm looking forward to feeling healthy again.

Getting my wind and feeling my motivation again.

Here are a few pics that make me smile and feel happy!

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