Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last few weekends

So a few weekends ago, we had our nephews come stay with us.
The girls had a countdown for weeks, they were so excited to have
them come and play with them.

It was fun. And crazy. And loud. 
And I'm reassured in my decision to not have 4 children! 

The kids all had a great time and Lila and Ellie are already asking
when the boys are coming back for more fun!

Since that time, it's been pretty normal schnormal around the Volovsek house.

Ryan was in Florida the last week of January, so it was just me and the girls!

I was pretty pooped by the weekend, but got a lovely breather on Saturday
when Ryan's parents took the girls overnight and we spent a great day and night
together!  A whole day to ourselves, some sushi and cocktails, and a quiet uninterrupted
movie on the couch... it was like heaven!

Both Ryan and I are healthy enough to get back to the gym, and although
I'm ridiculously sore, it feels amazing to get active again.

All in all... things are just putzing along.  We've got things in the works
and are hopeful that the spring is the time all the pieces will fall into place!

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