Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rain Boots

The fall photo season has started and that means getting personal photos cleaned
up and put to the side for awhile as I direct my attention to others.  
The other night as I was going through some of the summer pictures, I came across
a few that made me smile that had been lost in the clutter and never touched.

It was garage cleaning day.  Not by choice, but because the upright freezer in the
garage had been left cracked open and everything inside melted, leaked, rotted....
and was now in a puddle on the garage floor.  Ick.
So... commence garage cleaning.

The girls had been given some fancy new rain boots by Grandma Barb and Papa
Rich, so since Daddy had his on... they needed to use theirs as well.

90 degrees and rain boots.
OK. Whatever!  :)

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