Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Beautiful 5 Year Old Girl

Yesterday was a very big day to a certain little girl in our house!
She has been counting down the days until her 5th Birthday, until she
was a Big girl! 
Morning birthday snuggles from baby sister

She woke up yesterday (6am as usual), and watched some of her 
favorite shows.  We had Blueberry pancakes for breakfast at her request
and she did one of her favorite activities (colored with sidewalk chalk)
while Ryan and I got the house and food set up for her little party!
She was coloring up by the door because it was drizzling out.

Little noon rest time, snuggled up in her favorite green blankee!

She loved all her presents... these were her new Neon Lime, Blinged out, very Rockstar-ish Twinkle Toes!
Lila and her ROCKSTAR cake!

Ryan's parents, my Mom and Alan, and my sister came down.  Those
5 in addition to our little family comprised Lila's party people! :)
And to be honest... it was perfect and lovely! She actually stopped 
during dinner (her mouth full of meatball sandwich...again her request), 
and said "Hey Mom, this is an Awesome birthday party!"

She was given some very generous gifts and lots and lots of love! 

It was a good day.
I was not attempting a "Senior photo" shoot here...She INSISTED we take some pictures on the tracks. Haha!
I AM a Rockstar!

  You are a very dynamic little girl! You are caring, compassionate, 
imaginative, and so intelligent.  Yes, you still are extremely dramatic
and tend to exaggerate things, but it's all part of what makes you so special!
Daddy, Elle, and I love you so much and are so blessed to have you 
in our lives! Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! 

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