Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Sampling of our December

As are most homes this time of year, we've been busy.
Good busy.
Some work, some play, some family time...

I really like my new job, but it puts me a new realm of "normal" people.
I do all the things non night-shifters do, and as much as I love it,
its' still an adjustment.

For instance, when I was working nights, I had 3 days all to myself every 3 weeks.
I was off work, and the girls still went to daycare their scheduled 3 days.
3 days to take care of whatever needed to be taken care of.
3 days to abide by my own schedule and do what I wanted, when I wanted.
Sure, I felt like crap most of the time, but I still had my 3 days of ME time.

I don't have ME time anymore.  And often, like most people I suspect,
by the time my girlies are tucked in bed... all I want to do is follow suit.
I don't want to work on the massive amounts of photos I have yet to tackle.
I don't want to wrap the pile of presents tucked in our store room.
I don't want to fold the laundry (well, I never want to do that, so I guess that's not really valid).

So as I look back on my lack of posts in this month of lots of things going on, I try to
figure out how I'm going to cover everything.
Now yes, I realize, no one is stressed out by my lack of blogging, but when days slip
into months gone by, this is often the only place where I can look back and make any sense
of what has gone on in our lives.

I'm going to share a smidge of some of our December events with the hope that at some
point, I will get around to sharing more on some of the biggers things.
There are a lot.

We made cookie dough and froze them to pass out to the neighbors to bake at their leisure. 
The girls hand delivered them to each house all by themselves along with our family Christmas card. 
They thought it was so much fun!  How sweet is that?!
Last year I made an Advent calander and each day we have a little activity. 
A favorite was making Cinnamon ornaments! So cute and easy, and my house smelled fantastic!

We have an elf.  His name is Mike.
Mike likes to move around and hide each night, and the girls find great joy in searching for him each morning!

We continue to enjoy our bedtime stories. 
"... Jingle was a good dog!" 

We Holidazzled!
Actually, we weren't really dazzled... long drive for a few lighted floats.
We asked the girls if they had fun on the way home and Lila said "eh,... not really.  i didn't even get any candy!"
I mean, really... what's a parade without candy ;)

Lila had her little Preschool program at church.
She's my firstborn, and this was the first time she was involved in anything like this.
It melted this mama's heart!  How cute are a dozen 4-5 year olds singing songs?!

We've played in the snow!  Our snowman is already gone away... but the girls had so much fun!
Clearly the dogs enjoyed it too!  We had to rebuild Frosty about 4 times due to over-excited houds running into him! Ha!

We hosted the first of 3 Holiday events at our home last Sunday.  I have decided I really like having family in my home at this time of year!  It was fun having Ryan's family there and the kids excitement is a joy!
(i have no idea why Ryan is making that face, and yes... I realize I'm wearing a tiara, but Lila got it as a gift and thought it would look beautiful on me... okey dokey)

And lastly, I've cried.
And prayed.
The events of last Friday are weighing heavy on my heart.

Last night I went to check on Lila before going to bed myself and when I touched her little
hand, it grasped mine... just like a baby does. In her sleep, she still responded to my touch.
I fell asleep last night with tears on my pillow.
So many families will be hurting this Christmas, even with their angels safe now
in Heaven, it's going to be brutal for those left behind.

I'm so grateful for those precious little moments that warm my heart. My girls are two of my
greatest blessings and I will try each day a little harder to treat them as such!

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