Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lila's Seventh Celebration

The Sunday before her birthday, we had a small gathering of family at our house
to celebrate Lila's day with us!  She loves having everyone over, even though we
keep things very small!  A balloon, some streamers, and cake, along with family
together makes her feel very special!

It was fun seeing her open her gifts and watch her talk to her guests.  At 7 years
old, she seems so much older and wiser than she did, even just last year.

Gift cards are exciting now!

These not only were gluten-free... they were also delicious!  And Homemade!!!

On Tuesday, her actual birthday, she attended school, then came home and we took the girls
to their tumbling/gymnastics class.  When class was over, the girls did a quick change and
we took them out to dinner to Bonfire (Lila's request)! We wrapped up her special day by
singing her Happy Birthday and snuggling her into bed!

She is growing more wonderful by the day and we are so excited to watch
her turn into the amazing young lady we know her to be!  Lila, we love you so much!

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