Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Stuff!

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  Always has been, and this year has been beautiful!
Oddly, I don't have all my fall decorations out.  I haven't drank lots of cider.  And I haven't
made a single pumpkin treat, but it's been full of good things and great weather.

I wanted to put up a few of the things that have occupied us this month...

~We took the kids to the Apple Orchard.  Late in the season, and not a particularly nice
day, but we went.  Most of the apples were picked over, but we came for a certain type
that they had an abundance of, so we lucked out! Just FYI, Harelson's make the BEST crisps!

A few days later, I completed a 10K run I'd been working towards and looking forward to.
The MN Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) foundation sponsored a run called Unleash The She!
A great cause, a great run, great weather... I was a happy girl!  The only bummer was I missed my
goal by 1 stinkin minute!!!  Dang it!  Ran 6.2miles in 51:01... still a pretty good pace for me, and a personal record!
I finished 40 out of 348 women!  Great day!
blurry, but I was wavin' to the girls
I am NOT a pretty runner, oh well. 

In other news.... Ryan got a new toy  (actually, I kinda like it too)

This is what a fish tank looks like when it gets dumped off a dresser onto the carpet
Surprisingly... all fish and the snail are alive and kicking.  Or swimming, or whatever.
Even a few minutes of flopping on the carpet couldn't kill them. 

Our porch view is stunning!!  

Walks/ bike rides with the girls should happen more than they do... I enjoy them so so much!

I love my babies!!!

Oh... Ryan and I went on a trip.  Kinda a big deal ;) ... More on that in another post

We love fall.  

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