Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elaina's 5 Year photos

I'm sorry... this is going to be photo overload.

Actually, I'm not sorry.  I'm not sorry at all, because this little girl is
amazingly beautiful, and I'm sharing it with you!

The weather and my work schedule finally coordinated well and this past weekend
we were able to take some time to snap some photos of our beautiful 5 year old!
She LOVES being in front of the camera, so it was lots of fun, although looking through
the lens at my daughter, i felt my heart squeezing so tight.  
It wasn't that long ago that she was still this tiny thing wrapped in a blanket, now she's
posing, and sassy, and giving me tips on where I should stand (I'm not joking)! 

Anyway, You're welcome!

Could she BE any more Beautiful?!!!
uh... hm.  

I swear I didn't pose her like this... it's ALL her!  

I don't know whose child this is.  Really, I don't!

Oh how I love her!

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