Tuesday, February 17, 2015


So we aren't much for celebrating Valentines in our house
Its just not a holiday we feel a huge need to participate in.

However, the girls like it, and I remember enjoying it as a kid!
We do a few little things for them to make the day special and they usually
get a small gift or treat that day!

This year was no different.  Ryan and I decided to make a nice dinner at home on friday
and just stay in and be mellow! It was awesome!  Saturday, we woke up, made some 
heart shaped french toast for breakfast, and just spent the morning getting a workout in
and hanging out with the girls!  Just after lunch, they were excited to go and see Ryan's
parents and hang out with their cousins for the night!  
Ryan and I tried to do a little shopping at MOA, but it was so dang busy, we tired of that
in a hurry and bailed.  Quick lovely dinner at home, and it was downtown bound for us!

The night was lots of fun and we had some interesting experiences! We met up with some
friends, had some drinks, had some laughs, and came home! We blissfully slept in on Sunday 
and the day was spent pretty much doing a whole lot of NOTHING!  It was great! :) 
The only downside was that little Ellie got sick at the tail end of her visit with Grandma and 
Grandpa.  So she went to bed early after a massage from mommy!

Oh, and my Mom and Stepdad celebrated their Anniversary (off in a warmer climate)!
Happy Anniversary you guys!  We love you so much!

there were love notes from Lila all over the house when we woke up Saturday morning! :)

We let the girls pick a special sweet treat from Byerlys... Canolli's and eclairs... can't go wrong!

Me and my love before heading out for the night!  

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