Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb stuff

I was really excited for a quiet month, and oddly, it turns out February has been
anything but quiet and mellow!  So much going on, the month is just flying by!

~My babies are avid music fans and I believe firmly, that the headphones they were given
for Christmas are likely my sanity saver!  I won't deny, I do love a little Taylor Swift, but
if I have to hear Shake It Off one more time, I might go officially off the deep end!! 
I Love Headphones!

~We celebrated our friends Birthday!  Hit Vine Park Brewing Co, and helped make some wine, then
off for dinner and drinks at The Twisted Fork!  The night was fun and I'm reminded how lucky I am
to have moved to the neighborhood I did!  We really adore all these guys!~

This photo makes me laugh every time I look at it!  Fun times!

~Lila continues to color, write, draw, and create on a daily basis.  It is not unusual to wake
up to some form of note or letter from her... and often it requires us to sign off, just to 
be certain we saw it and follow through! Haha!  Such a silly girl!

She has decorated her bedroom walls with some of her favorite projects from school!

~ Random loves notes are the greatest!!~

~After a particularly rough night at work, I was surprised to learn I had received a "Shining Star" award.  Basically, a patient wrote a very nice letter about me, and I was recognized for doing a good job.  I was completely stunned, and frankly quite embarrassed, but it made me feel pretty great and after the shift I had... reminded me why I do what I do.~

Me and a few of my fellow ladies!  This is after a long rough night... don't judge! Haha

~I picked up "The Never-ending Story" for the girls and let them watch it.  It has now been watched once or twice a day since then, excluding Valentines day.  Lila struggled with a few scenes the first time she watched it... (The Swamps of Sadness were just a bit too much for my little tenderhearted girl)... but little sister Ellie was there to pat her back and tell her it would all be ok!  ;) So cute!~

~I've started attempting some beginner yoga at home.  I'm not gonna lie... I'm not good at it.
AT ALL.  But I'm trying.  Ellie, on the other hand, has a great Crab pose! Haha~

~Ryan has taken the girls skating multiple times and they love it!!!  I haven't gotten to see them all
that much, but one of the trips, I did snap a few pics!  They go many nights when I'm at work, and I
am so happy they have something special to share with Daddy!~

~Ryan has also been skating a bit more.  He's taken up playing with some coworkers on Thursdays and I can tell it really does make him happy!  He loves being out, and it's good for him to have some social time!  However, last week he decided to try and give himself a shiner.  He now looks like he's wearing bright purple eyeshadow!  So pretty, right?! ~
Looks even worse now... got progressively more purple as days went on! Haha!
I'm not enjoying this bitter cold, and yes, I know we got spoiled so far this year... but I wasn't complaining!  This single digits and sub zeros can go ANY DAY! I'm anxious for spring and warmer temps... a little sunshine wouldn't hurt either!  

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