Monday, July 14, 2014

Now you see it, now you don't! Lila's first lost tooth!

Milestone reached.

sniff sniff

Last Friday, Lila lost her first tooth
(Ryan may have helped it along, but the fact remains, it is no longer there!)

Ryan and I had a date that night, so we picked up the girls from school together
and brought them over to Grandma and Grandpas.
In the car, we noticed the tooth was just hanging by a thread after weeks
of just being wiggly

Lila was very brave and even though it bled a little, not a tear was shed
( a HUGE accomplishment for anyone who knows my Lila!)

Thanks to Grandma Barb, Lila even has a special Tooth fairy pouch
that keeps it's precious cargo safe until the Fairy comes to pick it up!

Since we were gone Friday night, and away on Saturday at our friends cabin,
we had to explain to Lila that the Fairy likes to come just to your own house! ;)
So finally, last night, we tucked her tiny tooth into it's special pouch,
placed it under her pillow and wouldn't you know...
she woke up to $5 whole dollars (the first tooth is extra special) and a 
tiny little receipt with her name, the date, and what # tooth it was.
Signed with love, T. Fairy!

No denying... my big girl is growing up!

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