Monday, March 18, 2013

An Irish weekend!

I'm not Irish.
Not even a little tiny bit.
However, we still had some St. Patrick's Day fun this weekend!

Friday was a LOOONNNGGGG day at work for both of us,
and the evening was quite relaxed...

Saturday morning we packed up and were out the door by 9am.
My mom and step-dad were great enough to watch the girls for us, 
so we could go and have some grown-up fun with our friends!

We spent our evening out on the town, people-watching, and dancing like fools!
It was great!!!
The girls!!!

I love this man!

Bob and Kristy!!!  The other half of our "crazy-train"!!!

Party people!
Yesterday, we spent the morning laying around, drinking coffee and dreaming about greasy breakfast food. (we ended up having cereal)  
We slowly recovered from our night of debauchery and made the trek to my mom's to gather our children! They had so much fun at Grandma and Grandpas!

We had an early Irish dinner of corned beef sandwich's and then were off to visit some
other friends of ours! 

We were all snuggled in bed early last night, and I'm happy to say on this Blustery March day, that the girls and I are tucked at home with nowhere to go! Just wish Daddy was home to chill with us!
Dang those pesky jobs!!!

Time to sign off!  Have a great week!

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