Friday, August 17, 2012

They make me happy

3.5 yrs old ("My birfday is in October")
Still dramatic and emotional, but sensitive to others and a mother hen to her little sister (most of the time)
Has started having "Quiet time" instead of naps and will often play by herself or read in her room. She does still fall asleep on occasion. 
Loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Wild Kratts, while Dora has slipped to the wayside.
Sleeps with a million stuffed animals on her bed and rotates which one will travel with her to daycare each day!
Will start preschool in a few weeks and asks every day if it's time to go yet!
Has been telling everyone for months that she wants to be Rapunzel for Halloween ("because her hair is long and gold like mine!")
Is getting better with her emotional outbursts, but still has to be reminded "is this worth freaking out about?"
Sweet, beautiful, and my first blessing.  She makes me happy!

2yrs old 
Mischeiveous and funny, a stinker through and through!
Still snuggly and affectionate and loves to sit and have you read books to her.  Her favorites currently are "All asleep" and "The Very Cranky Bear".
I've recently heard her reciting the lines from Cranky Bear by herself in her room!  Melts my heart!
She loves Team Umizoomi, but will watch Wild Kratts and Jake with Lila on occasion.
Her babies are still a fixture in her world, and yesterday acquired a new carrier for Lucy... she thought she was pretty hot stuff!
She hates getting out of bed in the morning and will literally run back to her room and bury under the covers... this does not bode well of teenage years!
Has excellent manners for a toddler and is always saying "I sorry, Thank You, and Please" (this is of course when she's not in tantrum mode.)
Speaking of tantrums, she has them.  A lot.  The terrible twos are a reality in our house right now, and I remind Ryan constantly that she is HIS child! 
But she's funny, and precious, and adorable.  Her cheeks begged to be kissed and her smile can melt even the most irritated mommy's heart!!! 
My baby, she makes me happy!

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