Friday, August 10, 2012

A good summer

As I sit here with the windows open, I can feel it.

The cooler weather, the overwhelming media push for "back to school" stuff, and the fact I bought a pot of flowers that included yellow mums...
all of it, gently nudging me to accept that summer is coming to a close.

And it's been a GREAT summer!!!
One of the best I can remember in many years!

We've been busy, and busy has been good.
Of course I like my down time (who doesn't?), and I now feel behind in all my photos and household project/chores, but honestly... who the hell cares?!
I've been enjoying myself, enjoying my family, and soaking up the sun!

Since I've been a little absent, here's my photo recap of late July until now!

We purchased a pool for the kids (okay, and me too)
I'm not above floating around on my raft in my 10ft pool on my back patio... don't judge.

My girls make up the oddest ways to entertain themselves, but since it keeps them occupied... we just roll with it...
They were taking turns piling all of their blankees and stuffed animals on top of each other,
 then spinning on the desk chair until they were dizzy.  Hey, whatever works for ya, right?!

I'm adjusting to my new job.
I have to admit, I really love my view on my way to work!
 My fellow commuters seem pretty nice too!

We know how to party like Rockstars!

Bathtime is fun.

See?  Summer is good!

I thought I had planted cucumbers in my garden.  
This is not a cucumber.
Again, don't judge... this is my first garden people... and watermelon works too.

They look so regal don't they?  
I love this photo of my dogs.
I like this one more.
Speaking of dogs....
This lady turned 5 on the 8th~
Happy Birthday Rio!
 Have I mentioned I love my girls?
Have I mention my girls are weird?

Ryan and the girls made french toast for breakfast!
and yes, I look just like this before I've had my coffee.
 A grand summer indeed!

I will welcome the last few weeks of this season, but as I head to bed with the cool breeze blowing through my windows, I won't deny that I am looking forward to my favorite season of all!
If summer was this good, the fall can only be that much better?!!!!

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