Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Today started on a pretty rotten and stinky note, and lets just say I wasn't in the best of moods this morning. It was just about 2 this afternoon, that things started to turn around. The thing that made the difference... Lila ran to me with a smile and wide open arms, and gave me a hug and a big, wet kiss without me even asking! That's it. So simple.
I was reminded of how great my life is.
Now, I'm getting myself mentally geared up to leave my family for 3 days to be at work. It's going to be hard to be away from them for the majority of my favorite holiday, but I know they'll be here waiting for me when I come home!
I am going to take the attitude that I GET to be at a job I love, helping families welcome their very own Christmas miracles!
I probably won't blog again for a week or so, until the craziness dies down, so from our home to you....
Have safe travels, warm hearts and memories, and the very MERRIEST OF CHRISTMAS'S, and remember the Reason for the Season!

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