Monday, December 21, 2009

Count your blessings

ok, ummm... it's been a week. Total roller coaster to be honest.... Let's start with the good stuff!
Ryan and I went to the Dr. today and had our glimpse at Baby #2! No matter how many times I feel it move, seeing this little person is so amazing! All is well, I'm measuring exact to my dates, and they're estimating the baby is around 15oz. I'm technically 21 weeks and 3 days (little over 5 months!) I need to get Ryan to help scan in the US pic so I can post it!

Next... This weekend... well, Saturday ended up being very quiet for us. We were planning on attending our God-daughter's 1st B-Day party, but she was unfortunately very sick and they had to cancel. Boo :( However, since I'm remembering today, I can wish her a VERY HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with Ryan's family. It was great seeing everyone and watching all the kids play together! Lila was a trooper too, even with no morning nap! We tackled grocery shopping on our way home, and Ryan and I even got to spend a little time together watching a movie and having some Hot Buttered Rum! (well, he did... I had Hot Buttered Cider) P.S. Thanks Danica, the recipe ROCKS!

Well, our weekend ended on a bit of a sour note. Our big guy, Boone, had been on loan hunting with my Dad and Uncle out in South Dakota for the past few days. They came back through town and dropped him off as we had planned. Bummer was, it was at 12:30 in the morning. Second big Bummer... our Big Boone has a bit of a sensitive tummy, and my Dad had given him a big ole' beef bone as a treat. Well, that didn't sit very well, so now on top of being totally wiped out, sore and exhausted, our man now has the most horrible diarrhea I've ever seen. Not to gross anybody out, but it's a little disturbing to see blood coming out of his rear end :( So in the tub he went, and downstairs with some warm blankets for the night. He seems to be feeling better this morning, but hasn't hardly moved all day, pretty tuckered out. Poor guy.

Okay, lastly....but most certainly not least. I love my job. I love being part of one of the greatest moments in peoples lives. Last week, however, I shared some of the deepest sorrow I've known. A family I had the privilege of caring for, unexpectedly lost their sweet baby girl. I've cried and prayed for them every day since, and still am struggling to figure out what happened and why. I think at this point, I just have to hang on to my faith and try to remember there is a plan and a reason even when I don't understand it. All I can do is take this experience with me never forget this family. I know that there is a new sweet angel in Heaven this Christmas and I pray her family finds comfort in that.

I don't mean to end on a sad note, but it's an important one. Be thankful, be grateful, and remember to count your blessings! I love you all!


  1. They were lucky to have such a compasionate nurse like you. The good days are many, the rough ones few, but they really stick with us for a long time. Sorry for you to have to go through that :(

  2. Ok Ana. I'm pretty sure I left a comment on here the other day- but possibly not as I have been a bit delirious lately. Let me sum it all up by saying... I LOVE YOU! You are amazing and I am so blessed to work with you and have you in my life :-) I hope you have 3 wonderful days at work! Give Lila a kiss from me!


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