Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Elaina is 6!

Our spunky, fiery Elle turned 6 on April 21st. 
It's hard to believe that 6 years have already gone by since our baby joined
the world! She's brought us so much fun, laughter, and happiness and we love her
beyond measure!

We celebrated her special day in stages, starting, of course, with her actual Birthday!
Lila had a sweet little gift and card for her baby sister and it made a mama's heart
happy to see them love each other up! (it seems like there is more arguments than ever lately). 
Then it was homemade french toast for breakfast and some pictures outside before it
was time to hop on the bus for school!

That night we had pizza as a family and some brownies and ice cream, as requested by the birthday girl!  She opened her gift from us and Lila and got extra snuggles from Daddy that night, since I had to go to work.  But the celebration wasn't over...

The next day was a Friday and the girls were off school, so after a quick nap for mommy, we head
off to MOA to check out the SeaLife Aquarium and have some dinner! It was a fun experience and 
Elle said she had a wonderful time!  

We wrapped up the festivities on Sunday by having a small get-together for her.  Grandparents and Auntie and Tony came to watch her open a few gifts, have lunch, and have some cake and ice cream. Simple and fun, it's always a joy to see her happiness in having family with her!

This little girl is an amazing gift!  She is challenging, defiant, stubborn, and louder than you could guess, but she is also kind and creative, intelligent, and sweet and I know she will grow into a young lady anyone would be privileged to know! 

Elaina Grace (Ellie, Elle, E, Bells)... We love you to the stars and beyond! Keep on keeping on little girl, we are so proud of you!

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