Friday, May 11, 2012


I know I've mentioned that back in January, Ryan and I made some serious changes to our lifestyle.

We signed up for gym memberships (and used them), made changes to our diets, and have progressivly been making our lives healthier.  

Ryan, he's... well he's... 
 Ok, lets call a spade a spade... he's ANAL. 
 Completely Type A, thrives on routine and schedule, and has this touch of obsessivness.  He tends to take a project and eat, breathe, sleep it To DEATH.  
This has, however, in this particular circumstance, proven to be quite useful.
He looks amazing! 

Me on the other hand...
I'm NOT a schedule follower.  I am laid-back and just "go-with-what-feels-right" kind of gal.
I also love bread.  And pasta. And cereal.  Oh, and chocolate, sugar, and all things sweet.  And lets not forget how much I dislike vegetables.
So, needless to say, this lifestyle change has been a little more difficult for me.
Seeing Ryan's progress is both motivational and annoying to me.
Like, "Hello Ana, you can DO this, just get your head in the game" and
"What the hell?  Why does he look like an Abercrombie model, and I still have back-fat?"

I AM making progress.
My weight has actually gone up 4lbs (much to my irritation), but my clothes fit better (much, actually) and I can feel how much stronger I am.
I am s..l...o..w..l..y.. coming around to vegetables (I can now eat raw carrots without gagging, thank you very much) and am becoming a little more receptive to Ryan's suggestions. (Don't get any major ideas honey.)  As the weather is getting warmer and I'm anticipating some time off this summer, I have many reasons, and few excuses...  just have to keep going!!!

I'm sweaty and disgusting as I sit here and write this, since I just got back from the gym.
Funny how even when your legs feel like they might fall off, after a good workout, you feel like you can take on the world!!

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