Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First One

I'm sitting at work and have been looking at some of my friends blogs and I just HAD to start one. The problem is . . . our computer is fizzeling out and I don't have access to many of my pictures, so this is going to be a slow start up. Oh well. You do what you can. I'm not sure how Ryan's gonna feel about this blog, considering he thinks I spend too much time online anyway. (He's probably right) Maybe this will take the place of my addictive Facebook issue and my frustration with the Shutterfly site. Which reminds me... if I'm going to do this blog, I probably won't put pictures up on my shutterfly site except for my mom so she can order pictures if she wants!

I guess I should give a rundown of recent going-ons... Well, miss Lila is an absolute delight! She's had a cranky couple of days, but that is due to some pretty bad gas issues she's been dealing with! On a normal day, she's a sweet, funny, happy girl who brings smiles and joy to anyone around her who has a pulse! She has started to laugh, which is the most amazing sound in the world! She laughed at me when I was making funny faces at her on Sunday morning, then again at Alan that night when him and mom were down dropping Leibschun off at our house. I did get it on video, no worries!

On a sadder note, my Grammy Wiese passed away last Saturday morning. She was 90 years old and lived her whole life independantly. She died in her sleep and in her own home. It was her time to go to heaven, now she's with her daughter Sharon and my grandpa Helmer. There is a memorial service planned for Saturday the 31st, but I'm still not sure what time it's at.

Other than that, it's been life as usual in the Volovsek home. Ryan and I are both working full time, Ryan's got a few household projects he's tackling, and the house is a mess. (See.?. Life as usual!) The dogs are good; a little pent-up, but pretty good. The weather has made it tough to let them be outside, plus Lila can't be out for too long, so it cuts out any long walks back to the river. Oh well, they'll manage. Leibschun, my mom's weiner-dog, is staying with us for 2 weeks while they leave us behind in the cold to head off to Hawaii. The visit was off to a rocky start, but she's finally settling into the Volovsek groove. As long as she doesn't pee or poop in my house anymore, we'll all get along fine! Ha!

Ok, this has been plenty long, and I probably should get back to work (don't worry, I don't have a patient right now, just should help out my co-workers). I hope this finds everyone well, healthy, and happy!

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